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Traditional Mill Bay Cottage Reno

1900’s cottage on the ocean that has been added on to over the years and it was time to bring this space into the 20th century while keeping with the classic design elements of the craftsman style cottage. As a busy family of 4, the client was focused on making the kitchen the most functional space possible. In terms of function, there was not one part of one cabinet that was not altered to suite a specific need. This kitchen is packed full of surprises that keep you wanting to peek into the next cabinet to reveal another fantastic piece of craftsmanship. From dovetailed drawers to glass sided cabinets so as not to impede the ocean views.

Overall we were ecstatic with the results and feel that we successfully bridged the gap between the original architecture and bringing it back into the present day. The resulting look is clean, bright and timeless, and Oh So functional!

Mill Bay Reno